‘Yellowstone’ star Kevin Costner arrives on Fox News Media’s streaming service

Kevin Costner, the star of Paramount Network’s highest-rated TV drama “Yellowstone,” is heading to Fox News Media streaming service later this year for a four-part documentary series focusing on Yellowstone National Park.

Highest Rated Cable News Network announced on Tuesday that it has signed a deal with Costner, which will see him narrate and host “Yellowstone: One-Fifty” which is slated to arrive in the fourth quarter on the Fox Nation subscription service. Developed by Costner’s Territory Films with Warm Springs Productions, the series is scheduled for the park’s 150th anniversary this year – and Fox adds that the four episodes will air “consecutively on the platform throughout its first week”.

In a statement on the deal, Fox Nation President Jason Klarman explained that the upcoming Costner-led series “exemplifies the superior creative content that we strive to deliver exclusively to our subscribers. We are thrilled to be collaborating with a iconic actor and filmmaker of the caliber of Kevin Costner on this project.

“Yellowstone: One-Fifty” also represents another strategic addition to the existing lineup of content available through Fox Nation, which currently boasts nearly 5,000 hours of conservative opinion programming, lifestyle content and titles. entertainment, as well as historical documentaries and investigative series, including plenty of big-name Fox News personalities.

Examples of these include What made America great, which launched its eighth season in late January. It’s directed by Fox host Brian Kilmeade and explores different locations that have shaped America’s history. This new season, for example, finds Kilmeade traveling to Ellis Island and exploring New York’s first urban renewal project, Mulberry Bend, in addition to speaking with guests such as immigration attorney Michael Wildes, former NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Columbia University historian and professor. David Eisenbach.

Costner, meanwhile, is a particularly notable name to add to the service, given that the TV show Yellowstone is a boon for Paramount Network. Not only has the show become the highest rated cable television series, but Yellowstone is also consistently breaking its own records. Plus: It doesn’t hurt that Fox Nation not only nabs a star from the show, but puts him forward for a docuseries of more or less the same name.

This docuseries is also “strategic” for Fox Nation, in the sense that the Fox streamer does not necessarily make play volume on the model of other streaming services. The network basically programs Fox Nation, more or less, with Fox superfans in mind — meaning content like the Costner-led docuseries is meant to be complementary to an overall Fox experience. It’s also worth pointing out, along the same lines: Fox Nation is not intended to be some sort of “skinny” version of Fox, of a cord-cutting oriented sort.

It’s a strategy that also makes the service something of the polar opposite of CNN+, CNN’s future streaming service for which the network has been on a hiring spree – including poaching at least one personality. from Fox News – and loads it with an expansive throwing a list of daily and weekly shows.

In the meantime, for more examples besides the Costner-led series to illustrate the different strategy Fox Nation is pursuing:

Available starting today, FOX Nation is bringing Season 1-9 of “Forensic Files” to subscribers, with 195 episodes of the series now available on Fox Nation. And starting Friday, March 4, Fox Nation will release the second half of COPS Season 33 (the first half of which premiered in the fall of 2021).

Earlier this month, the platform added 12 COPS Season 31 episodes and 18 COPS Season 32 episodes. The remaining 19 episodes will debut on the service every Friday at 6 p.m. ET. And alongside these newly acquired episodes, Fox Nation is also bringing back its “COPS: All Access with Geraldo” limited series, with new episodes also premiering March 4.

The latter is hosted by Geraldo Rivera, general correspondent for Fox News Channel and co-host of “The Five”. And it will feature interviews with law enforcement officials as well as Fox personalities who will react to the episodes as part of a larger conversation about policing in the United States.

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