Trump News Today – Latest: Jan. 6 panel weighs ex-president’s appeal as top aides hit with subpoenas and phones seized

Ex-Trump lawyer thinks ex-president is in legal danger

The Justice Department has said it is prepared to accept one of Donald Trump’s nominees for a “special master” in his legal dispute with the FBI.

Federal prosecutors filed a legal case late Monday, endorsing the suggestion by Raymond Dearie, a 78-year-old former U.S. District Court judge appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1986.

The special master is a trusted third party who will review top-secret documents taken from Mr. Trump’s Florida home in Mar-a-Lago to determine if any should be excluded from the case.

It came after the Justice Department’s investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol storming expanded dramatically as dozens of current and former Trump aides were subpoenaed for testimonies and documents, some having even had their phones seized.

It was the first concrete step taken by the DoJ to focus the Jan. 6 investigation on the White House and the president, rather than the riot itself.


Liz Cheney on Trump’s ‘danger’

Congresswoman Liz Cheney said Donald Trump’s reluctance to leave the White House after his defeat in the 2020 presidential election “affirms the reality of the danger” of his efforts to void the election.

Ms Cheney made the remarks in response to revelations made in a new book by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, who claimed the former president told aides he would remain in the White House even after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“A lot of times people say it wasn’t as dangerous as it really was,” she told CNN on Monday.

“And when you hear something like that, I think you have to recognize that we were in no man’s land and territory that we had never been to before as a nation…I think, again, that this affirms, affirms the reality of the danger.”

Cheney says new revelations reveal Trump’s true ‘danger’

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar reports.


Mike Pence describes January 6 anger in new book

Mike Pence has never explicitly condemned Donald Trump for fomenting the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, but his views on the event itself have long been clear. And now, in his new book so help me godthe former vice-president (and possible presidential candidate of 2024) reflects on how he felt after the attack.

As Axios reports, on the back cover of the book, the following words: “I was angry at what I saw, how it desecrated the seat of our democracy and dishonored the patriotism of millions of our supporters, who would never such a thing here or elsewhere.”


Trump follows Saturday’s rally in Ohio

Donald Trump is due to appear in Ohio on Saturday to boost the state’s gubernatorial and Senate candidates – the latter, JD Vance, is struggling to step outside the margin of error in a Republican-held seat in retired Rob Portman.

Based on his recent rally in Pennsylvania, it’s likely Mr Trump will spend much of the event talking about himself and airing his various grievances. Here’s his trailer for the event – which is already being derided because its timing clashes with a major Ohio State football game.


The QAnon rabbit hole is claiming more victims

A QAnon follower and election denier has killed his wife and injured one of his children after “falling down the conspiracy rabbit hole”, his daughter has said.

Igor Lanis, 53, was shot and killed by the Walled Lake, Michigan Police Department on Sunday after he allegedly shot his wife Tina, 56, and his daughter Rachel in the leg and back. Officers were talking to a neighbor in the 1200 block of Glenwood Court when they heard the gunshots and returned fire from Lanis, according to The Detroit News.

Rebecca Lanis, who was at a party at the time of the shooting, said her father’s mental health declined due to his obsession with conspiracy theories. Here is the post from the r/QAnonCasualties subreddit:


This is far from the first incident of violence by a QAnon follower, nor is it the first that has seen a murder within a family.

Andrea Blanco to the story.


Hannity sifts through Trump’s list of investigations

Last night, longtime Trump lawyer and main Fox News host Sean Hannity launched into a lengthy monologue about the supposed ‘witch hunt’ directed at the former president, and during it he offered its viewers a scrolling list of the myriad investigations into Mr. Trump, his allies and his business dealings.

The shocking list of investigations – many of which are far from complete – was less a reminder of the former president’s ‘persecution’ than an exposition of the number of legal threats he faces as he contemplates a campaign in 2024.


Trump’s top adviser seized phone, dozens of DoJ-issued subpoenas

Monday saw a major development in the Justice Department’s investigation into Jan. 6, which would now encompass at least part of the effort by Donald Trump and his team to overturn the election.

Boris Epshteyn, strategic adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, had his phone seized by federal agents as he and dozens of others received subpoenas for testimony or information.

The development is troubling for Mr Trump’s inner circle, as the former president is already the subject of a separate investigation into his keeping of apparently classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, while investigators from the State of Georgia is also probing the work of his campaign to reverse the results in that state. .

Learn more in The Independent of Andre Feinberg:


Trump insists Monday’s DC venture was a ‘work trip’ amid fevered speculation about his legal troubles

Donald Trump has insisted an unannounced visit to Washington DC is a “work trip” amid a mountain of online speculation about the reason for his visit to the US capital region. He was seen with Trump Organization officials at his Sterling, Virginia property, although at no time was he seen playing golf.

In an apparent attempt to eliminate speculation about his activities, he wrote on Truth Social, “Working today at Trump Washington DC on the Potomac River. What an amazing place!”

Twitter, meanwhile, raged with theories about the visit and heated debate over the president’s lack of golf clubs during the visit.

Learn more about Gino Spocchia in The Independent:


Commissioner slams local division’s ‘unacceptable and disappointing’ tweets

A US Customs and Border Protection division in Texas is off social media after its account used a homophobic slur to attack Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The account also favorited and retweeted messages from far-right Trump White House member Stephen Miller.

“The tweets do not reflect the values ​​of this administration and our work to rebuild a humane, orderly and secure immigration system,” an agency spokesperson said of the posts, one of which claimed the President Joe Biden had “ended almost 250 years of constitutional government”.

Learn more about this developing scandal in Texas:


ICYMI: A big day is looming on Tuesday for the January 6 committee

Lawmakers on the January 6 committee will discuss the possibility of calling Donald Trump and/or Mike Pence to testify when they meet in person today on Capitol Hill.

The gathering will be the panel members’ first since the August recess. Preparations are underway for the next round of select committee public hearings on January 6 and efforts to annul the 2020 election.

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Biden: ‘Tough 2 years’ ahead if Democrats lose Congress

Joe Biden predicts a major showdown in Washington if Republicans win the House and/or Senate in November’s midterm elections.

Analysts say Republicans are favored to take the lower house while problems developing in the campaigns of some of the party’s Senate candidates have somewhat dampened the party’s fortunes.

The president hopes to rally his party to stop either possibility from happening, and urged his supporters as much at a fundraiser.

“If we lose the House and we lose the Senate, it’s going to be a really tough two years,” he told a crowd of about 30 donors and guests. “I will spend more time with the veto pen than doing anything.”

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