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We welcome ideas from journalists, students, academics, researchers and experts in the field of Canadian immigration. We are unable to accept stories from immigration attorneys and consultants, as CIC News is an affiliate of Cohen Immigration Law.

Our objective

We are interested in stories that help us understand how policy changes affect newcomers. In addition, we appreciate any article that helps immigrants settle in Canada, find a job, start a business or adjust to their new life. Currently, our focus areas include:


We are willing to compensate you for producing original and insightful articles relevant to our audience. Remuneration will be commensurate with your experience and current salary.

Item Types

We prefer stories that are between 600 and 1,400 words long and have never been published on a web platform or in print.

The types of articles we publish include the following:

First person stories

We are interested in the stories of immigrants, temporary workers and international students.

Tell us your stories of overcoming adversity, integrating into Canadian culture, or any lessons learned that you think could help others.

We may ask you to provide evidence to support parts of your story. This is done to help preserve the integrity of our work.


Help us understand how current events and new policies affect Canadian immigrants.

Analytics can offer more perspective on a topic than the typical news story. Authors should explore opposing viewpoints in an effort to contextualize events, policies, and any changes in Canadian immigration law that affect immigrants.

We are also interested in labor market analyses, as well as topics related to international students, temporary foreign workers and family reunification.


If you are an expert with an informed opinion on Canadian immigration, we might be interested in publishing your article.

Opinion pieces should be timely, supported by research, and address opposing viewpoints. We are particularly interested in coins that offer innovative solutions to Canadian immigration problems.


We welcome well-researched feature articles. Some examples may include how-to guides for prospective immigrants or stories about how newcomers navigated the immigration system and settled into a Canadian community.

Immigrant stories must be exceptional in nature. Many immigrants start successful businesses in their communities – we know that. We want compelling stories that reveal something about the bigger picture.


If you’re where the news is, we might be interested in publishing your coverage of a newsworthy event.

In addition to your compensation, we’ll also pay $25 for any original news photos we post.

Submit your story ideas

Please complete our contact form if you would like to publish a guest or freelance article on CIC News.

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We will accept submissions in either English or French.

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