Questions you should ask yourself before sharing a news article – NBC Chicago

From social platforms to new media, an overwhelming amount of misinformation is sent to us.

How do you decide what is true and what is false?

“Chicago Today” spoke with the editor of online fact-checking site PolitiFact, Angie Holan, who gave us some guidelines.

Here are some questions she suggests asking yourself before sharing a news article online:

  1. Is it from an established media outlet or a reputable newspaper? If you don’t recognize the source, search for a media outlet you know to see if it has an article with similar information.
  2. Does the article arouse strong emotion? Be wary of anything that evokes a strong sense of fear or anger. Many posts that aren’t accurate tend to play on people’s feelings.
  3. Does the article contain specific quotes? Often quotes are taken out of context. If a quote seems odd, a quick Google search can often bring up the full context of a quote.
  4. Are there any sources cited in the article? If an article makes bold claims without any notable source or expert reference, it may be wrong.
  5. What if I can’t check myself if an item is real or not? You can always email the Politifact team at [email protected] They will do their best to try to verify the information for you.

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