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The Kingdom of Bahrain celebrates Bahrain Women’s Day every December 1 to commemorate the achievements and creative contribution of women to the development and progress of Bahrain. It underlines the importance and the important role played by women in public life. The Department of Public Works (PWD), Naval Support Activity Bahrain, joins the celebration by specifically highlighting the contributions of six Bahraini women members of their team.

Cmdr. Adam Kushner, Public Works Officer, organized an event and congratulated each of them for their outstanding performance and achievements within the department.

“Today, our host country recognizes the contributions of Bahraini women in the workforce. PWD Bahrain has six talented and professional Bahraini women who provide NAVFAC with much needed management, planning, environmental and environmental expertise. engineering, ”Kushner said. “It is an honor for me to take a moment to thank them for their contribution to our mission and recognize their success.

The theme for Bahrain Women’s Day 2021 is “Bahraini Women in National Development… A Progress March in a Caring Nation”.

According to the Bahrain News Agency, the theme reflects the deeply rooted presence of Bahraini women in the nation-building process and its gradual progress alongside the development of modern civil status in Bahrain, based on justice and l ‘equality. in rights between citizens, men and women.

Bahrain’s first Women’s Day celebration took place in 2008, along with National and Membership Days, marking the 80th anniversary of the start of formal education for women in the Kingdom.

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, Europe, Africa, Central, Department of Public Works, Naval Support Activity Bahrain enables mission support to personnel and operational resources within the Navy Central Command / 5th FLEET Area of ​​Responsibility through planning and the deliberate execution of installation facility support requirements.

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