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The News Media Alliance and MPA – The Association of Magazine Media have announced their merger agreement. The newly merged association will be called News/Media Alliance and, according to a spokesperson, will focus on “building a powerful future for quality journalism”. Members of both organizations have approved the merger, which, subject to regulatory approval, is expected to be finalized this summer.

Founded in 1992 and headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, The News Media Alliance represents more than 2,000 news organizations (from small local news outlets to large international media companies) in the United States and around the world. Alliance members include print, digital and mobile publishers of original news content.

Based in Washington, DC, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is the industry trade association for multiplatform magazine media companies. Representing over 500 brands, the MPA is a who’s who of established magazine publishers including Condé Nast, Bonnier, National Geographic, Vox Media, Trusted Media Brands and countless others.

One of the main reasons for the merger is to increase the bargaining power of its members, with extracting a fairer share of revenue from Google and Facebook being a top priority. Indeed, NMA has worked tirelessly to secure an antitrust exemption so that newspapers can bargain collectively with big tech. It is now hoped that the merger will help pass the Journalism Preservation and Competition Act, a bill that failed to pass last year and is currently being reviewed for reintroduction in Congress.

Current Alliance President and CEO David Chavern, who will serve as CEO of the combined entity, said: “We are extremely excited about bringing our two organizations together and to leverage our collective voice to achieve our shared vision of a bright and prosperous society. future for high-quality journalism and content.

The needs of both industries are closely aligned, and this union will allow us to deliver greater value to more publishers and content creators.

David Chavern, President and CEO, News Media Alliance

Chavern continues, “Our members continually create new digital products that engage audiences and build communities. They want and deserve markets for products that fairly value quality journalism. We are absolutely committed to helping them win in the ever-changing digital content landscape.

MPA President and CEO Rita Cohen adds, “The combined strength of news media and magazine publishers in this new alliance will expand opportunities for both of our members, and we are pleased to help make this happen. of this merger on their behalf.

The American magazine’s annual media conference, which was put on hiatus during the pandemic, will not be restarted, leaving the industry with a clear void in terms of large-scale industry gatherings. The NMA discontinued its own annual conference several years ago and now participates with several other associations in the “mega-conference”.

Bo Sacks, Publishing Hall of Fame inductee and CEO of Precision Media Group, told WNIP that the merger will see the MPA return to its roots, saying, “The merger with The News Media Alliance is a natural coalition and understandable. The golden age of fantastic big annual MPA media parties has become unsustainable and unaffordable. The AMP is back to its original goal of 100 years. . . lobbying for the industry.

The MPA merger is a classic example of understanding the dynamics of a changing business environment. In the recent past, the MPA has happily passed through the vast and eternal golden age of magazines. The magazine publishing industry has gone from an exuberant success of excess to the de-evolution of a century-old business model. Print is no longer the pinnacle of mass communication.

Bo Sacks, CEO, Precision Media Group

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