Nearly $1.5 Million NSF Grant Supports STEM Students

The National Science Foundation recently awarded Willamette University a grant of nearly $1.5 million to help support talented and underrepresented students in financial need.

The award supports three cohorts of students who participate in the university’s STEM scholarship program – a series of academic support, community-building and extracurricular activities that equip them to succeed as future scholars and leaders – from December 2022 to November 2028.

In addition to the built-in support, participants are eligible to receive a scholarship of up to $10,000, in addition to other financial assistance from Willamette. They also receive a personalized career goals plan, strong mentorship and leadership skills development through on-campus activities, as well as access to funding for summer internships or work experiences. research, on or off campus.

Students who are pursuing a major in a STEM field, can demonstrate financial need, and have a strong academic record are eligible for scholarships. Students from low-income households, students from rural areas, first-generation students, neurodivergent students, students of color, women, or gender minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

The initiative will be led by Professor of Chemistry Alison Fisher, Professor of Physics Michaela Kleinert, Associate Professor of Physics Daniel Borrero and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Cooper Battle.

This is the second time Willamette has received such funding from the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education. In 2017, the university received nearly $650,000.

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