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Murder of a partner in Bangalore: a doctor had posted personal photos on Facebook, an architect killed with friends

In Bangalore, a girl killed her life partner. The case was related to the uploading of personal photos of the girl and her mother to social networks. Architect Pratibha saw his photos on social media. Upon investigation, he learned that his life partner, Vikas, had uploaded them with a fake ID, so he planned to take revenge on Vikas.
Police on Monday arrested Pratibha, his friends Gautam and Sushil for murder. One of the accused Surya is on the run.
Police said the late Dr Vikas was working at a private hospital in the city after completing his MBBS course in Ukraine. Previously, he was in Chennai and later came to Bangalore for a certificate course. A year ago, Vikas and Pratibha rented a house near Udupi Garden and started living there together. Their families also knew that they were living at home and that they were about to get married.
When Pratibha learned that Vikas had uploaded her and her mother’s photo with a fake ID, she asked Vikas about it on September 10. There was a fierce fight between the two. After that, Pratibha informed his friends about the incident. They came home and quarreled again. Meanwhile, Pratibha attacked Vikas.
Defendant Pratibha attacked Vikas with the crowd’s sticks and bottles wiping the floor. Because of this, he fainted. The accused took her to Jayshree Hospital, but doctors referred her to St John’s Medical College for further treatment, where she died.
Meanwhile, Pratibha tells police the fake story of unconscious Vikas and says that Vikas fought with friends, during which he got injured. He called Vikas older brother Vijay and told him the same. Vikas succumbed to his injuries during treatment on September 14. Vijay then filed a complaint with the Bangalore Police. Based on this, Pratibha and his friends were arrested.

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