Media Reacts to Andy Cohen’s NYE ​​Rant on Bill de Blasio

Last Friday, everyone was ringing in 2022 and saying goodbye to 2021. CNN, like many networks, provided New Year’s Eve coverage, but their show turned into a slander of New York’s incumbent mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Andy Cohen was with presenter Anderson Cooper when he decided to take a hit and continue his rant calling de Blasio a “horrendous mayor”. Nevertheless, the whole incident caused a sensation among the actors of the media world.

ABC News’ Matt Bevan had a cheeky response to his contestant’s incident and wondered why other networks don’t have their host drinking on their New Year’s Eve coverage to see what happens.

Helena Villar of RT en Español also found some humor in the incident with remarks, which are translated.

“CNN host of New Year’s Eve special with terrible taste for dressing up drunk. He wasn’t the only one and maybe not even the worst,” Villar tweeted.

Meanwhile, The Blaze’s Jessica O’Donnell kept her thoughts short and to the point regarding Cohen’s Times Square rant.

Washington Post Columnist Karen Attiah was another member of the media who found humor in the whole incident on CNN.

MSNBC’s Hayes Brown wondered if Cohen was ready to have a physical altercation with New York’s incumbent mayor.

NBC News correspondent Tom Winter also joked that Cohen was the last person to file his lawsuit against de Blasio in 2021 before the year rolls around to 2022.

Finally, Cohen took to Twitter the next day to acknowledge his rant and admitted that he may have had a little too much to drink.

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