Media react to severing ties between MSNBC and Tiffany Cross

Over the years, news and opinions have started to mix, creating a gray area as MSNBC’s ’11th Hour’ host Stephanie Ruhle discussed changes to the latest episode of the ‘Math & Magic’ podcast. with iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman. .

Ruhle said viewers have become more savvy, allowing news agencies to also work in the gray area between the black and white of strict news and opinion.

“Just providing information is limited, and that’s not necessarily what people need from news outlets, because you can get basic information from a lot of places,” Ruhle said. “I think there’s something more than just news that doesn’t take you to bias.”

The MSNBC host noted her experience growing up with the news and the mix of opinions as her family members listened to former radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“My grandparents were religious listeners to Rush Limbaugh because he was a radio personality who shared some of their political ideology,” Ruhle said.

“But they didn’t look to Rush Limbaugh for news. It was Walter Cronkite. And these are two different things. I think those are two valuable things that exist in news and entertainment and in opinion. But they need to be branded for what they are and the audience needs to understand what they are.

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