LaRock: Response to a press article | Opinion

I write this to add to the Times-Mirror article: “The challenger for the 33rd District House siege says the incumbent is dividing the community with the sender. Hopefully readers will agree that my background is highly relevant to the House 33rd District Delegate election.

Moving directly to the first point, President Randall sent a letter praising my collaboration with her and Loudoun County staff in a bipartisan effort to secure a huge victory for our constituents. She saw the bipartisan victory and let her partisan guard down. For that moment of non-partisan honesty, I say, “Thank you, President Randall.”

As a steward, I work to resolve challenges such as skyrocketing Greenway tolls and the continued need for road improvements. In addition, we are in the final stages of planning the financing and building a broadband network for rural households in the 33rd arrondissement.

These results are bipartisan successes. Positive results are clear proof that I work well with others and deliver results.

Unfortunately, some of the more beneficial measures I have presented to the legislature have failed for partisan reasons. For example, I proposed HJ 5002, a resolution based on solid scientific evidence, seeking to make effective treatment of Covid-19 more accessible. It was passed unanimously by a Democrat-controlled committee. The final pass would have been a spectacular bipartisan victory, unless politics opposed it and the measure was rejected in a floor vote.

My opponent demonstrates his lack of honesty by spouting empty rhetoric seeking to reduce the progress made in the 33rd arrondissement. My bills have relieved commuters, taxpayers, drug addicts, landowners, babies and adults with disabilities, parents in need of child care, and many more.

These initiatives have been successful because I have worked without letting partisan differences take over.

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