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Jio will bring Virtual PC and Air Fiber: Jio Cloud PC will reduce the cost of expensive laptops and desktops, Air Fiber at a speed similar to broadband

At the 45th AGM, Reliance launched Jio Cloud PC. It is a cloud-hosted virtual PC using Jio True 5G. The device is supposed to power laptops in every business and every home at affordable rates.
At the AGM, the company also talked about its new Jio AirFiber service. Jio Air Fiber is very similar to Jio Fi but it will get better internet speed. On the other hand, Jio Cloud PC will reduce your cost of purchasing expensive laptops and desktops.
During the AGM, Reliance Jio showcased a single-device wireless solution called Air Fibre, which the company says will be able to take advantage of high-speed speeds in the home without the need for lots of wires. It will be an end-to-end broadband solution that will be as simple as setting up an access point.
Cloud PCs are like PCs without any major hardware requirements. Simply put, it is a virtual PC. This feature will allow faster users of the 5G network to broadcast all calculations from remote server locations.
This forces the user to pay only up to the usage limit, without any upfront investment and without the hassle of frequent upgrading. In other words, not one but several PCs can be used at very affordable rates.
Jio also showed his ability. In this, live sports programs can be watched on the device without any lag. Apart from this, the company has also launched Cloud PC. The company called this lightweight device a virtual PC. However, complete information about its function is not yet available.
Other than that, the company has yet to give any information on the Jio 5G plans. There is no statement from the company about the price of Jio Air Fiber yet. The company said that by December 2023, it will bring 5G connectivity to all cities in India.

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