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Met Eireann predicts big change as update released on chance of snow this winter

Ireland is expected to be hit with changeable conditions this week before better weather returns this weekend.

Met Eireann forecast a few erratic days ahead, with sunshine, fog and even high winds expected.

It comes as the picture through early December has become clearer thanks to the National Forecaster’s long-range forecast.

Many people will want to know what kind of winter conditions we can expect, especially if snow might be on the way.

The 30 day forecast shows a clear trend of largely stabilized conditions, high pressure systems and dry weather through December.

The risk of any serious danger appears “relatively low” at the moment, with one forecaster explaining that things look “fairly settled” until December 5.

This means the chance of snow until the first week looks unlikely, although it remains to be seen whether Ireland could have a White Christmas.

Before that, Wednesday will see the mist and fog slowly dissipating in the morning.

The weather will be cloudy over Leinster and Munster throughout the day, but with some hazy sunshine to the west and north.

While there will be plenty of dry weather, scattered bouts of showers will also occur, with high temperatures of 10-13°C.

Most areas will be dry Wednesday evening under broken clouds. However, some mist and fog will develop with just light variable breezes, while it will be cool with low temperatures of 1-6C.

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