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Nigel Farage yells at old IRA in another viral video

Nigel Farage gave yet another cry to the old IRA.

The former UKIP leader recorded a personal message to Tom Barry, a former IRA commander.

In the Cameo video, Mr. Farage wishes Tom Barry best wishes and a safe trip on his vacation.

He said, “Well, hello Tom Barry, it’s Nigel Farage here. Karl put me on you.

“I’m here to wish you my best wishes and a safe journey. Yes indeed, Tom Barry, you and the boys are going on vacation in November, hoping to sunbathe.

“But it can get a bit cold this time of year, but you can always Brexit quickly in Kilmichael when it’s all over.

“Tom, you were born Kerry, but a proud man from Cork and I want you to have a fantastic holiday in November.

“Enjoy it. Raise a drink or two.”

Mr. Farage currently charges € 86 per video and € 1,290 for commercial calls from his account.

However, people didn’t find the last video as funny as they pointed out that Mr Farage had the final say, paid € 86 per video.

Speaking to Twitter, one user said, “He earns 80 pounds for each of them. Registration takes a minute.

“He is making huge profits on the Irish thinking they are kidding him.

“Nigel Farage has the last word.

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