Hrithik Roshan Exposes Fake Post About Moving In With GF; Said to keep misinformation out

Rumors of Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad moving in together have been doing the rounds on the internet for some time now, but Hrithik quashed all the rumors and clarified that the news about the couple moving in together is completely false and people shouldn’t fall for it. for such news.

Linking to an India Today article from his Twitter account, Hrithik wrote, “There is no truth in this. As a public figure, I understand that I will be under the prism of curiosity, but it is better to keep misinformation away, especially in our reporting, which is responsible work”.

India Today previously published an exclusive story about the couple moving into a 100 crore apartment building together named ‘Mannat’ with full details; even including the advance payment made by the superstar and the fitting out of the building, but Hrithik canceled the story.

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News like this has spread like wildfire as we love our celebrities and are too excited for any news, including their name. There are many fake channels and websites that post news like this everyday without doing background check and later the story is busted.

This fake news can sometimes even tarnish the image of the people whose names are involved.

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