How to customize your LinkedIn news feed

LinkedIn provides users with an updated feed of the “news” of the day near the top of the LinkedIn home page.

Called “LinkedIn Today,” it features a collection of the Internet’s best articles, covering a wide variety of topics and industries.

To access the “LinkedIn Today” home page, click on the “News” tab in the main navigation bar, or on one of the “LinkedIn Today” links.

Go to the LinkedIn Today home page

To personalize your “LinkedIn Today” news feed

If the option to select the categories that interest you does not appear when you launch the “LinkedIn Today” home page for the first time, there are 2 ways to access it whenever you want:

1. Scroll down. In the right sidebar, you will see a section on your network “LinkedIn Today”. Click on “Personalize your news”, or

LinkedIn Today Customize Button

2. Click the “Settings” button at the top right of the “LinkedIn Today” home page.

Either action will take you to this page where you can choose which topics and industries you want to follow.

custom areas in LinkedIn today

Select your areas of interest and you’re done. Not only will “LinkedIn Today” provide the latest news, but also provide you with great content to share with your networks on LinkedIn and other social media platforms!

How do you like the “new” LinkedIn? Something you like or don’t particularly like?

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