Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott signs multi-year contract extension – Deadline

Despite a scorecard for Fox News in recent weeks and the specter of an ongoing lawsuit over 2020 voter fraud allegations by its hosts, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott has been signed to a multi-year extension. years.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch announced the recovery during the company’s fiscal second-quarter earnings call with Wall Street analysts.

Scott, a 25-year Fox News veteran, was named the division’s first female CEO in 2018. She will continue to report to Murdoch.

In a press release, Murdoch said, “Scott’s stellar leadership and business acumen are evident in Fox News Media. His investments in the people and purpose of Fox News have allowed us to break viewership records, create a leading cross-platform news brand, and create a more collaborative and inclusive internal culture. Suzanne’s track record of success, her spirit of innovation and her dedication to excellence make her the ideal person to continue to lead and grow Fox News.

Scott expressed his gratitude to Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch “for the opportunity to continue to lead Fox News Media and position all of our platforms for future success.”

Scott took over after a period of internal turmoil at the news department, which was long dominant in the ratings but also saw numerous bouts of sexual harassment during the tenure of the late Roger Ailes, who created Fox News.

As the HR eruptions subsided, Fox News found itself in a more political entanglement. He has shown signs of rift with former President Donald Trump even as he faces a $2.7 billion lawsuit from election software maker Smartmatic over his support for baseless fraud charges against the company. . (Fox has called for the lawsuit to be dismissed, calling it “without merit.”) Upstart conservative rivals One America News and NewsMax, though nowhere near the scale of Fox News, have siphoned off some disgruntled viewers from the will from Fox to affirm the election of President Joe Biden.

Lou Dobbs, a constant draw of the ratings on Fox Business and a close Trump ally, had his show abruptly canceled last week.

While Fox News remains the heart of Fox News Media, Scott also oversees the Fox Nation and Fox Business Network streaming service and an international expansion launched in 2020. Other new ventures include Fox News Books and Fox Weather.

In 2020, Fox News was the most-watched basic cable network for the fifth straight year. It more recently slipped to an unusual place: third, behind CNN and MSNBC.

Prior to becoming CEO, Scott was president of programming for FNC and FBN. Among his key decisions in this role were installing Tucker Carlson in the niche formerly occupied by Bill O’Reilly and launching Ingraham’s Angle.

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