Fact Check – Screenshot of fabricated CBC News article on Trudeau and climate change

Social media users have shared a fabricated screenshot purporting to show a headline published by Canadian outlet CBC News which reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said climate change is “partly responsible for the increase in hatred against politicians and journalists”. The title, however, was fabricated.

The alleged headline reads: “Trudeau says climate change to blame for anger and resentment toward politicians.” The image also includes the following summary: “The Prime Minister says he believes climate change is at least partly responsible for the growing hatred towards politicians and journalists.”

A tweet with the image posted by a verified user is visible (here). The iterations can also be found on Facebook: (here) (here) (here).

The image circulated online after a press conference on August 30 (youtu.be/7ecG1gO2HGo?t=1222) during which Trudeau was asked by a reporter about his views on “the increase in threats to which politicians face”. Trudeau pointed to “growing anxiety over climate change” among other reasons, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and addictions issues, issues he said put “a lot of pressure” on communities across the country. country.

Fox News ran a headline saying, “Trudeau lambasted after blaming ‘climate change anxiety’ for ‘rising threats’ to politicians” (here).

Reuters found no evidence that CBC News published such a headline about Trudeau.

A CBC News spokesperson told Reuters via email that the image “is another in a series of fake screenshots. It’s not real.

A search of the CBC News website did not return the alleged title (archive.ph/zEUJd).

The image purports to show the article was written by CBC News senior writer Peter Zimonjic. No such piece can be found by looking at its writer’s profile (here).

A keyword search of CBC News’ verified Twitter account did not return any tweets referencing the supposed headline (archive.ph/XcU7b).

Reuters has previously debunked other fabricated headlines attributed to CBC News (here) (here) (here) (here).


Fake. CBC News did not publish an article with the headline “Trudeau says climate change to blame for anger and resentment toward politicians.”

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