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Dhanashree Ligament Injury Surgery: Sharing the post, wrote – I feel very strong now; Husband Yuzvendra said – heal my wife soon

India team star spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanshree Verma have been in the headlines since news broke of the split in the past. Recently, Dhanashree shared the post and talked about her operation. Actually, there was an injury to Dhanashree’s ligament. This information was shared by Dhanashree. Previously, Dhanashree deleted Yuzvendra Chahal’s name from his social media account.
Describing the surgery, Dhanashree wrote in the post, I underwent successful surgery for my ligament injury. Each difficulty prepares you for a new and vigorous return. Now I feel stronger than before. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. Meanwhile, commenting on Dhanshree’s post, her husband Yuzvendra Chahal wrote, Get well soon wifey.
While sharing her post, Dhanashree wrote an emotional note. He said that while pulling the reel the last time, he hurt his legs, due to a ligament injury. Dhanashree was very upset after hearing that she hadn’t danced for a long time. Her confidence has been shattered, but she feels better than before thanks to her husband Chahal and close friends. Due to a ligament injury, doctors advised rest. She told me that if I want to dance again in life, I will have to have surgery for it.
Dhanashree had removed her husband Yuzvendra’s name from social media a few days ago. Seeing this, it was assumed that something was not right between the couple. After marriage, Dhanashree Verma added Yuzvendra’s surname to her name. However, Dhanashree had not yet deleted the photos shared with Yuzvendra from his account. After that, Yuzvendra shared the post on Thursday night and called the whole incident a rumor.
Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma first met during an online class. Chahal was admitted to Dhanshree’s class to learn dancing and from there the love story of the two began. After being in a relationship for only 3 months, this couple decided to get married.
On August 9, 2020, Yuzvendra surprised her fans by sharing the news about Roke. They made their relationship official by sharing a photo with Dhanashree. After that, the two got married on December 22, 2020. After the wedding, this couple remained in the chat due to their cuteness and romantic photos.

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