Can anyone confirm this incredibly sketchy wiki page/news article I found? Advocacy

I know it’s a weird request, but here’s what happens. Please don’t visit any links until you’ve finished reading this entire article!

I’m researching Digital Wellbeing – the Android app, and decided to check the public database for ownership references to who might actually own it.

My confusion arose when I read that Google and TikTok had digital wellbeing apps that seemed to do the same things. Okay no big deal. But this is where it gets weird.

The USPTO has a guy who trademarked the term digital wellbeing a few years ago. At least he registered it, but soon after he dropped the name (the guy owns a software/media company.. some of his trademark terms I recognized, maybe you could also..) It’s not that important here, but its original trademark i mentioned, just randomly dropped? hm okay. Well, it turns out that there aren’t too many registered companies that have filed trademark applications with the term I mentioned above. In fact very little.

Presumably, hers was too familiar compared to that other brand assigned to a child welfare research centre/laboratory. Guess the name? Digital well-being! So I continue on the USPTO and see that it is registered at a children’s hospital, I searched by name and found myself on their wiki page. It’s called: Boston Children’s Hospital… It’s a Harvard Teaching School, or IS IT? tinfoil hat time

I originally thought it was a distinguished hospital, but on a Google search THEY HAVE NO reviews, and I don’t use FB, but they only have a handful of reviews there- down. Here is the wiki page https://en., but don’t go there yet, finish reading!

I decided to search on google maps because I’m curious what the place looks like, right? Go ahead, search for Boston Children’s Hospital and pull up Google Maps, try to identify how many children’s hospitals in Boston with that name there are!

More than I expected, about 10+ in what seems to be very close together, but overall there are at least 11 I count from the map view. Ok, weird, checking some reviews, seeing if they’re real, that’s my goal.

I clicked 3 or 4 before the maps took me back to the Google query page after clicking each location. Each time the place I visited had less than a handful at NO reviews. Kinda weird, IMHO, I expected there to be A LOT of them, being a children’s hospital I mean.. they save kids right?

I come back to the wiki page, and instantly am disheartened by the amount of information that defends the distinguished history of the schools with an unreal amount of words for a place that doesn’t seem to garner a lot of followers on FB or reviews from googlers , students, patients, happy families whose children are saved NOR families who have complained, EXCEPT….

I found a mention in the talk page referring to something sketchy. I didn’t follow that link, because it’s an old http page, and I know better, so I searched the online text of the person’s query from the URL that she posted and BAM, I’m starting to get hit with references saying it’s WND, wordnetdaily… I haven’t heard of this place, but ok, I’m biting bad, do a search and instantly get results suggesting Obama citizenship documents and conspiracy news. think the correct page was referenced by the wiki poster by id# and here’s WHERE IT GETS REALLY WEIRD!!!!

Obama prosecutors protecting Harvard-linked hospitals?

assumed that the author is an ACTIVIST hacker, who tried to defend a girl after she went to a hospital that allegedly took her away from her family. He has since been ARRESTED and jailed for conspiracy and hospital hacking!

WHAT’S HIS NAME? if anyone responds with that, I’ll know you’ve at least read some of it. I will donate to the beeps when the person answers correctly on behalf of the author. Pay attention to the names of hospitals and what they do. One was listed as a Digital Wellbeing Kids Lab!, run by a Harvard teaching school, the same this guy is accused of hacking, then sent to jail for!

In fact, there’s other weird stuff here, like the prosecutor who tried it, I read a story years ago for the hacktaviste person they tried to prosecute YEARS ago, but not the same guy I mentioned above whose name I want! SOMEBODY else, and in fact, they committed suicide. The reason I remembered it because it had to do with the person trying to do something illegal for a selfless good/just cause. …it was a big deal at the time, I think. At least according to the Huff Post, it was… This other person’s name was

aaron Swarz, again, was also a hacktivist!

Sorry for the wall of txt and typos. I will try to correct some of them and make them easier to read.

Also, you can’t “inject AIR into a person’s vein” hoping to save their life… One of the references caught my eye – on the Children’s Hospital wiki page of Boston – it was actually titled exactly that. And even though I haven’t checked this SPECIFICALLY, it made me wonder if anyone else had heard of it? That’s when I remembered that Wiki is sometimes a terrible source of information, but better later than never…someone pinch me please!

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