Bethel Park School District News Article

Bethel Park High School recently inducted 13 students into its chapter of Quill & Scroll, the International Honor Society for High School Journalists at a ceremony held at the school.

Students who receive Quill & Scroll membership honors are Meghan DeHaven, Sydney Edwards, Oluwatoyosi Egbebi, Anabel Franzman, Marguerite Mateya, Jackelyn Mejia, Quinn Reilly, Matthew Scabilloni, William Smith, Jacob Stiglich, Jacob Toth, Brooke Veith, and Ana Winowich.

“It is always a wonderful experience for students who have worked diligently on school publication media to be recognized for their work,” noted Dr Charles Youngscoordinator of the school’s Quill & Scroll chapter.

As part of the ceremony, the Journalism Advisor Mr. Brad Ksaszowski joined Dr. Youngs in offering their congratulations to the student staff members of the high school newspaper (Hawk Eye), phone book (Tag), video production studio (BHTV), and literary arts magazine (Opening), who have excelled in the area of ​​communications over the past school year. Journalism teacher, Mr. John German also helped plan the event but was unable to attend.

BPHS alumnus and society member Raul Toledo ’15 joined the celebration as a guest speaker via live video conference. Toledo currently works in Los Angeles in video production, a career path he began in Bethel Park. He spoke of his experiences and encouraged the inductees.

The BPHS chapter of Quill & Scroll was established in 1947. The local group builds on the history of the international society, which was founded on April 10, 1926. It was then that a group of high school counselors organized the honor for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in journalism and related fields.

Since its inception, Quill & Scroll has granted charters to more than 13,350 high schools across the country and around the world.

After Toledo’s speech and remarks from publishing advisors, the new inductees participated in a candle-lighting ceremony and recited descriptions of the eight principles of effective journalism. Insiders received membership pins, certificates and subscription to the Pen and scroll online review.

According to Quill & Scroll’s bylaws, members must be chosen from among enrolled high school students, grades 10-12, who, at the time of election, meet the following requirements: , be in the top third of their class at the general school level, have done superior work in some phase of school publications and be recommended by their publication advisor.

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