Best Bad Credit Loans: The Top-Rated Payday Lenders for Personal Loans

Today’s reality in terms of bad credit scores is admired. People with bad credit scores do not have to crowd banking halls or financial lending institutions to seek loans without guaranteeing it will get approved.

Time has mellowed down the system and created an avenue to accommodate individuals with bad credit scores. Today, we have many lenders online specializing in bad credit loans. To top it all, you will access the loan in record time, too, provided you meet the lender’s criteria. This way, one can tackle their financial emergency fast.

Numerous online platforms offer bad credit loans, some of which are fraudulent. We curated a list of the best bad credit loan sites you can patronize to get the best interest rates.

The Best Bad Credit Loan Institutions of 2022

After careful deliberation, here’s our top pick of the best platforms that loan to people with bad credit scores:

  • MoneyMutual
  • BadCreditLoans
  • PickALender
  • CashUSA
  • PersonalLoans
  • LendYou
  • Next Day Personal Loans
  • Upgrade Personal Loans
  • Payzonno


MoneyMutual is our number one pick of the best platforms for bad credit scores. It’s an online platform that has helped over two million customers get loans. Their service is fast and secure. The best part is getting a loan approval of up to $5,000 within 24 hours of applying.

The platform has about 120 lenders, and all you have to do is register and fill out a form to get linked to a lender. MoneyMutual does not charge to fill a form or link to lenders. Furthermore, they are not in charge of lending money or influencing a lender’s interest rate, and their job is to connect you to a lender on their platform.

You must go through the lender’s terms and conditions to know their interest rates and determine if it suits you. Also, you have to meet some criteria to be eligible for a loan, like having a steady income of above $800 a month.



BadCreditLoans, like MoneyMutual, are free to use and connect borrowers to lenders. The platform does not charge extra for their services, and you can access loans ranging from $500 to $10,000. Furthermore, the application process is easy, and they provide a flexible payment plan that stretches up to 36 months.

The payment plan depends on the amount you seek and the lender’s terms and conditions. Some lenders might give you a shorter time to pay back and others a longer time. It’s left to you to seek lenders on the platform that will meet your needs without crippling your income.

BadCreditLoans is a transparent company that has serviced over 750,000 customers. They do not hide information regarding lenders’ fees, and you will find content on how to avoid scammers on their website. Furthermore, you must be 18 years and a citizen of the United States to be eligible for a loan on the platform.



PickALender is another good platform for bad credit loans. It takes under two minutes to fill out a form on the platform and get offers from lenders. The beauty of this method is you can apply from your home without speaking physically with a lender.

You can get personal loans of up to $40,000 and as low as $100 from lenders on the platform. Also, like Money Mutual, the loan can be sent to you 24 hours after applying, provided it’s a business day. Further, the loan interest rate depends on employment history, state laws, and the amount you seek.

You’re not obligated to sign with a lender, and instead, you should read their terms and conditions and make your decision. You’re only bound to the contract when you sign. The terms and conditions are a window for you to know the lenders’ rates. So, take your time to go through them. If a lender’s rate doesn’t sit well with you, move on to another lender.



With CashUSA, you can finance your vacation plans, give your home a new look and consolidate your debt. Having a bad credit score will not hinder your ability to get a loan. However, the lower your credit score, the less likely you will get a specific loan amount. If a lender considers your score, the charges will be off the roof.

However, the good thing is that lenders on the platform compete for business. So, you will meet a lender that will give you reasonable rates simply so they will get your business. Additionally, CashUSA has an education part on their website where they provide valuable content on finance.

If you wish to know more about finance, you can read up on choosing a financial advisor, credit scores, and budgeting. To be eligible, you’re expected to have an income of $1000 a month and fill in your details accurately.



Emergencies can occur at any time, and PersonalLoans is where you can get a loan approval regardless of the time. They work 24/7 to ensure people get their services when they need them. Also, the company has a user-friendly website and an easy application process.

Filling out a form on the platform will not take much time. PersonalLoans has an extensive lenders list, spoiling one for choice. Further, you can borrow directly from investors or third-party lenders with peer-to-peer lending. If you meet the brand’s eligibility criteria, you can borrow $1000 to $35,000.

PersonalLoans do not charge for these services, nor are there any hidden fees. Also, you can customize rates by negotiating your terms with lenders. If you cannot pay the loan at the due date, you can discuss it with the lender and get a new payment schedule.



You can also access short-term loans fast at LendYou. The site is a go-to site for people with bad credit scores who want to fix their cars, pay their medical bills, etc. They offer loan options like payday loans and installment loans. The lenders will deduct the loan from your dividend or salary the minute it’s paid with payday loans, and the loan term is usually 30 days.

On the other hand, installment loans are paid back using a set of scheduled payment structures. You do not need collateral to access the loan, and the brand accepts all credit histories. After completing the online application, lenders will make you offers and dispense funds if you approve.

The process is fast. To be better prepared, you need to be aware of the lender’s rates and the consequences of not paying back in time. Further, contact the lender if you have any questions regarding your loan and not the website.

Next Day Personal Loan


Next Day Personal Loan requires you to fill out their application form, which lenders use to decide whether to loan cash advances or personal loans. The site is secure, and your details are safe. The information required is name, age, phone number, social security number, and email address.

Make sure your details are accurate and comply with the US Patriot Act. With this platform, you can access loans from $100 to $40,000. The company does not publish the list of lenders they work with. However, you can know the lenders you qualify for by filling out their applications.

When you choose a lender, you will be redirected to their website to see their rates. Also, the lender will contact you to verify your information via phone, email, or text messages. Ensure to respond timely to kickstart your application process to access the funds faster.

A key benefit of applying for a Next Day Personal Loan is getting the funds faster than traditional finance loan companies. Also, the brand has multiple marketplaces, robust security with 256-bit encryption, and includes people with bad credit scores.

Upgrade Personal Loans


The platform offers loans up to $50,000. Upgrade Personal Loans is the highest lending platform on our list, with an easy application process, hassle-free service, and unlimited cashback on payments. For example, they offer 3% cashback for health, auto, and home categories.

You will get a bonus of $200 if you open a reward checking account, and you can pay off personal loans early with no prepayment penalty. Another impressive thing is that the platform is mobile-friendly, and you can use it anywhere at any time. Furthermore, they offer APRs ranging from 5.94% to 35.97%, making them one of the more affordable options on our list.

The brand has its base in San Francisco, and they offer reasonable rates if your credit is good. You will get offers from lenders within minutes after applying for a loan. Due to the competitive nature of lenders, you will get different loan terms with no regard to your bad credit score.



Payzonno allows you to apply for a loan immediately when you pay off another. It’s a good, bad credit loan site if you seek anonymity and don’t wish to speak with a lender directly. Also, it’s one of the most active bad credit loan sites.

Their website is easy to use and straightforward. Once you visit the website, you’re greeted with a quiz about yourself through a chatbox. The chatbox will ask you about your finance and background, after which it will provide a loan amount based on that situation. Furthermore, you will be required to provide proof of income, and you can even sign electronically.

Payzonno loans range from $100 to $5,000, and the amount you can borrow depends on your home state and applicable legal status. It takes minutes to complete the form, and the disbursement is also way quicker than traditional banking institutions.

How We Ranked the Top Bad Credit Score Lenders

Experience has taught us that lenders don’t have much faith in people with bad credit scores because they are loan risks. However, times have changed, and lenders are more accommodating now. We used the following metrics to sieve out the best from the rest:

Acceptance of Low Credit and No Credit

Emergencies do not discriminate, and not getting a loan to handle the situation because of bad credit scores is awful. Therefore, we focused on getting online lending platforms that accept bad credit and no credit. We needed platforms where people could discuss their bad credit scores with lenders without being made to feel inferior or embarrassed.

Speed of Deposit

We checked for brands that guarantee loan approval 24 hours after filing the loan. People who seek loans with bad credits usually want to access the money as fast as possible to handle their emergencies. So, we didn’t select brands that stall loan payment, thereby delaying and frustrating users more. The brands we choose have lenders that guarantee loan approval within 24 hours.

Company Reputation and Track Record

Many people have experienced online fraud and the bitter aftertaste it leaves. We felt it was best to seek transparent companies with excellent track records. We want people that visit their platform to feel at home and fill in their information without fear. So, we checked reviews to see what people said about the loan sites, removing brands that do not meet the criteria.

Amount of Money Available

Some people with bad credit scores seek to lend a substantial amount of money, and their bad credit scores are already working against them, making it near impossible to find someone willing to loan them money. We sought brands with lenders that can lend a significant amount of money to people with bad credit scores.

Ease of Application

It’s already stressful seeking loans with bad credit scores. We didn’t want to add to that by choosing brands with confusing forms or brands that have a confusing interface that makes it challenging to navigate. We compared and selected brands with straightforward application processes and a user-friendly interface.

Customer Review

We read many loan sites’ customer reviews and checked the brand’s ratings to ensure the loan sites satisfy users. We needed brands with a proven track record. Further, we streamlined brands that made tall promises with bot reviews.

Honesty and Transparency

There are fake companies that masquerade as online loan companies, and they steal and sell people’s information, scamming them of their money. Lenders on these sites pressure people to sign contracts with them regardless of how unfavorable the rates are. To that end, we researched the brands, ensuring they are legitimate brands users can trust.

Interest Rate and Overall Cost

Most Lenders charge high-interest rates to people with bad credit scores. They do this because they know the nature of their scores and how hard it is to get a loan with bad scores, and it becomes a costly venture to lend from them. To make things easier, we sought online loan websites with hundreds of lenders to ensure one can match a lender with reasonable rates.

Fee Transparency

Some online loan websites bait people with bad scores with affordability only to double back and charge them high at the end. That aside, they make no mention of charges till you’ve gone deep in your application. Therefore, we checked for transparent brands that do not spring hidden charges at users.

How to Get a Bad Credit Loan: Step by Step Guide

As earlier mentioned, several online companies provide loan services to people with bad credit scores. If you’re ready to take a loan, step-by-step instructions guide you.

Check your credit score to determine if you’re in the clear or have a bad credit score.

Having a bad credit score limits lenders’ interest in your application. However, platforms have numerous lenders, and some are open-minded regarding poor credit scores and will lend to you. So, check out the lenders available to you.

Gather all the documents you need for the loan application. Some lenders require you to verify your financial information, birth date, income, and name before applying. So, you should have every document handy.

Apply for the loan by Filling out your information through the platform’s form. Then wait to be paired with a lender. Further, if you accept the terms and rates of the lender, they will forward the cash to your account.

You will complete the loan application in under fifteen minutes if you follow the steps. Also, most online lenders make the borrowing process extremely straightforward. Fill in your correct information, and you will have the money sooner than expected.

Top 5 Advantages of a Bad Credit Loan

There are numerous advantages of getting a loan with bad credit scores. These include:

Quick Access to Cash

The idea behind bad credit loans is to provide fast cash to people that need it. It’s an option you should utilize if you have a bad credit score and can’t get any institution to loan to you.

Lower Interest Rates Than Credit Cards

Some lenders on online loan platforms charge lower than credit cards. The rates for credit cards range from 18% to 30%, and some credit card companies charge 10% per year. On the other hand, bad credit loan interest ranges from 4.9% to 35.99%, making it a viable and affordable option.

Numerous Lenders

Online loan platforms have multiple lenders, all of which have their terms and conditions. Having a bad credit score will not deter some lenders from competing to get you to sign with them. Competition is one of the best ways to get favorable rates from lenders.

Customizable Repayment Term Length

The amount you borrow determines when you payback. You can discuss with your lender to choose the best repayment format whether you’re to pay in installments or otherwise.

Improve Your Credit Score

Repaying your loan on time is one way to increase your credit card score. Some lenders file reports to the credit bureau, which goes into your track record.

How Do Credit Scores Work?

It’s okay if you don’t understand credit scores because the system is mildly confusing and complicated. The credit bureaus assign credit scores. In the United States, there are three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The bureaus keep detailed reports on you which they use in awarding scores.

They track information using your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Further, the credit report carries your loan history and defaults, and the scores deteriorate when you do not pay back loans in time.

Why Do I Have Bad Credit?

The credit bureau works with numbers, and they consider several factors when calculating credit scores. Some of the main reasons why you may have bad credit include:

  • Delaying to repay loans or not paying loans at all
  • Having your account charged off by creditors
  • Banks foreclosing on your home or you filed for bankruptcy
  • Maxing out your credit cards
  • Closing credit cards with available credit
  • Not sticking to the credit card agreement
  • Number of credit cards

The credit bureau assigns credit scores based on these factors and more. Your credit score will increase if you have just finished paying off your student loan. In addition, if you get a new credit card, do not close old ones, and apply for new ones frequently, your credit score will increase.

What Is a Bad Credit Score?

Brands use the FICO standard to judge credit card reports. Some lenders do not loan to people whose credit score is below 580. They consider them risky borrowers. To that effect, check out the guidelines for judging credit card scores:

  • Exceptional Credit: above 800
  • Very Good Credit: 740 to 799
  • Good Credit: 670 to 739
  • Fair Credit: 580 to 669
  • Poor Credit: below 580

Top 4 Best Types of Bad Credit Loans

While there are online platforms that grant loans with guaranteed approval, there are other avenues you can use if you are not approved, such as

Join a Community Union

Community unions aid their members with bad credit scores to get loans. The loans are not available for everybody, and it’s strictly for members of the community who need financial help.

Credit Union Payday Alternative Loans (PALS)

Payday alternative loans provided by credit unions are cheaper than traditional payday loans. Credit unions stretch the payment plan into months so members’ income would not be stretched thin. It’s more affordable, and people use this to avoid the trap some lenders create to gain more interest. The Federal regulation caps PALs set their interest rate at 28%.

Borrow From Friends or Family

You can borrow from your family and friends to pay back later. Family and friends will not ask after your credit score. They will want to help out because of your relationship with them. However, it’s not the best idea to borrow from family and friends because it sometimes causes a rift when you don’t payback.

Keep in mind that the money was lent, not gifted. You should try as much as possible to pay back in time to maintain a peaceful relationship with your family and friends.

Home Equity Loan With Bad Credit

If your home has equity, you can use the equity to apply for a home equity loan. The house will serve as collateral to assure the bank if you cannot repay the loan. Your credit card score also matters here but not so much. You will be lent a home equity line of credit (HELOC) regardless of your bad credit score. The interest rate tends to be cheaper for a home equity line of credit, which may be tax-deductible. If you fail to pay the loan back in time, you might lose your home.

How Much Does a Bad Credit Loan Cost?

Usually, it costs more to borrow with bad credit scores. This is because some lenders try to play smart and charge higher, knowing the likelihood of you getting a lower price is slim due to your score. Furthermore, the typical charge rate of bad credit lenders is 4.9% to 35.99%.

Though they charge high because of your bad credit, the lender’s tune will change if you improve your credit score. Do not forget to cross-examine the loan statement carefully and thoroughly to avoid hidden charges. Also, know what penalty you will incur if you default in repaying the loan in time.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The loan amount you can borrow depends on your income and credit score. If the lender feels your payment won’t carry the amount you seek, they might withdraw the loan. Or charge a higher interest rate. The least amount you can borrow on some platforms is $100 to $40,000. But you have to prove you can repay the loan.

Other Bad Credit Loan Alternatives

It’s great that people can easily borrow money with bad credit scores. However, if you are in a situation where you cannot get a lender online with a reasonable interest rate, there are other options you can explore.

Interest-Free Cash Advance Apps (Earnin, Dave, and Chime)

Earnin, Dave, and Chime apps have gained popularity for their interest-free cash advance on paychecks. However, you must meet their terms to qualify for the loan. Also, there’s a limit to the amount you can borrow. People with bad credit scores can get an interest-free cash advance on the apps, provided their salary can carry the repayment.

Personal Loan From Bank, Credit Union, or Online Lender

Borrow personal loans to tackle short-term emergencies. Personal loans typically have lower APRs, and online lenders, credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions offer them.

Small Dollar Loans for Emergency Expenses

You can apply for a small-dollar loan at your bank to cover emergency expenses. Most banks in America offer small-dollar loans using other terminologies, including the largest banks in America. For example, Bank of America provides Balance Assist while US Banks provide simple loans. The banks provide loans to existing customers to help with their needs.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P, has become a popular investment opportunity for third-party lenders. They provide funds to borrowers and collect the interest when repaid. These days, some lending sites use crypto to receive payment.

Auto Title Loans

You can apply for a loan using your vehicle as collateral. Auto title loans are more expensive, and you should resort to it when all else has failed. Generally, you’re expected to repay the loan within thirty days, depending on your deal with the lender. If you’re unable to pay back after that, you might lose your car.

What Do I Need When Applying for Bad Credit Loans?

You have to meet specific criteria before applying for bad credit loans. Also, some lenders require verification documents before they approve your loan request. The following are eligibility requirements for bad credit loans:

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Have an active email address and a working phone number
  • You must show proof of an active bank account open for at least one month
  • Be a resident of the state you selected in the loan application
  • Provide proof you’re not a debtor or currently undergoing a bankruptcy case or filing for bankruptcy relief
  • Prove that you have a valid income

All incomes are not equal, but to acquire a loan, you must have a tangible means of repayment. Some peg the income rate at $1000 and some $800. In addition, you might be required to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

How Much Does a Bad Credit Loan Cost?

As earlier mentioned, the charges for bad credit loans vary depending on the lender. They all have their rates and would go higher or lower depending on your credit score. The APR for payday lenders is between 391% and 511%, which is $15 to borrow $100.

How Much Can I Borrow With a Bad Credit Loan?

You can borrow upward of $300 to $1500 depending on the loan regulations in your state. Also, you can borrow more with bad credit scores from anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Loan Providers

Q: What is the most accessible type of loan with bad credit?

A: Regardless of a loan limit you can access with poor credit scores, you can still get a loan online. It’s a fast and easy way to get a loan without visiting any financial institution. The best part is it guarantees approval.

Q: Can I get a loan with no credit?

A: Yes, you can get loans without having any credit or having bad credit scores. You should go for platforms that know about your credit history than those that don’t run checks. Though it’s expensive going for the former, it’s a better way to avoid fraudsters with the promise of not doing background credit score checks.

Q: What loan company will accept me with bad credit?

A: Like those mentioned in this guide, online companies will grant you bad credit loans.

Q: Can I honestly get a loan with bad credit?

A: Yes, several online companies provide bad credit loans. However, the interest rates tend to be high.

Q: How do I borrow money immediately?

A: Fill in your details on the platform and wait to get matched to a lender. The process typically takes two to five minutes, and you can access the loan 24r hours after applying. You could also borrow from your family and friends.

Q: Can I get a $10,000 loan with bad credit?

A: Some platforms offer loans up to $10,000, provided you have a viable means of payment. So, check for those companies.

Q: What’s the catch with bad credit loans?

A: The catch is it allows you to tackle your emergency fast. You can apply for a loan to go on a vacation and be on holiday two days later.

Q: What is a bad credit loan?

A: A bad credit loan is borrowing money from lenders with a low credit score. Typically, financial institutions do not guarantee approval for such loans or take months to process the loan application. Fortunately, with online platforms, you can access bad credit loans fast.

Q: How much can I borrow with a bad credit loan?

A: You can borrow between $100 to $5,000, depending on your platform.

Q: Will applying for a bad credit loan impact my credit?

A: No, applying for a bad credit loan will not affect your credit scores, even if the lender inquires.

Q: What is a FICO score?

A: FICO scores are credit scores lenders use in judging whether it’s risky to lend to someone. It is a three-digit number between 300 and 850. If your credit score is high, you’re likely to get loans faster with a fantastic interest rate.

Q: What do I need to apply for a bad credit loan?

A: You have to meet specific requirements before applying for a loan. Your age, for instance, has to be above 18, and you have to live in the state you choose on the loan application. That aside, you need a valid phone number and email address.

Some lenders ask for Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Also, you might need to prove your bank account is active and provide evidence you have a good source of income.

Q: Can I get a bad credit loan when self-employed?

A: Yes, self-employment counts as income. The lender might require verification to ensure your business can withstand the loan repayment.

Q: How do I apply for a bad credit loan?

A: You can apply for a bad credit loan in traditional institutions, but there’s no telling how long processing the application will take. Your best bet is seeking loans on online loan platforms like those mentioned above.

Q: How soon do I get money with a bad credit loan?

A: It takes 2 to 24 hours to receive the money after applying. However, remember that these are working hours. If it is on a weekend or public holiday, you may have to wait until the next business day.

Q: Do I need a job to get a bad credit loan?

A: No, you don’t need a job to access a bad credit loan. Lenders will ask for your proof of income, including disability payment, retirement benefits, and self-employment.

Q: How do I know if my bad credit loan was approved?

A: After signing with a lender, they will notify you if your loan is approved. Most online lenders will take a few hours, if not minutes, to decide. In addition, it depends on the lender.

Q: Does it cost money to apply for a bad credit loan?

A: Online loan platforms do not charge to connect you to lenders. However, be on the lookout for additional charges and hidden fees on some lenders’ terms and conditions.

Q: How do I receive my money from a bad credit loan?

A: Usually, the lender transfers the money to your account, but some lenders offer same-day cash pickup, and they will consider other deposit options.

Q: When do I pay back my bad credit loan?

A: It depends on the amount of money you borrow and the lender’s terms. Some lenders require you to pay back by your next payday, some within a month after receiving payment, and some stretch to a year.

Q: How do I pay back my bad credit loan?

A: Discuss the payment method with the lender. Some will provide their account details, while some lenders use automatic payments to deduct the loan from your bank account on the due date.

Q: What happens if I prepay my bad credit loan early?

A: Though you have good intentions, prepaying a personal bad credit loan will return your credit scores. Also, some lenders will charge you a penalty for prepaying.

Q: What loans are easiest to get approved for?

A: If you have a good credit score, loans will be approved faster for you. But then, a no credit check is the most accessible loan to get, and the interest rate is higher. However, individuals with bad credit scores get their loan requests approved online and fast, depending on the lender.

Q: Can I refinance my bad credit loan?

A: Yes, you can refinance your bad credit loan, and some states require lenders to refinance bad credit loans. So, discuss with the lender about the refinancing options available to you.

Q: Why is the interest rate so high with bad credit loans?

A: Lenders give higher interest rates to mitigate lending risks to someone with bad credit scores. It doesn’t matter what caused the bad credit. At that moment, your track record isn’t good, and there’s no telling if you can repay. However, some states restrict the lender interest rate by issuing a maximum interest rate every lender should follow.

Q: How often can I apply for another bad credit loan?

A: The number of times you apply for bad credit loans depends on the company and the state. The laws that guide such application vary from state to state.

Q: Are bad credit loans a scam?

A: Bad credit loans are not scam ventures. Yes, they are fraudulent companies that offer bad credit loans, but you can distinguish them from the tall promises they make. Also, their lenders tend to pressure one to sign. Stick to the companies mentioned above if you are unsure.

Q: Do bad credit loans require security or collateral?

A: No, you do not have to put up collateral to get bad credit loans. Most lenders withdraw the money from your bank account when the loan is due.

Q: What if I can’t repay my bad credit loan?

A: You can discuss whether to push the due date forward or reach a settlement with the lender. If the negotiations do not work out, the company might initiate a collection procedure.

Q: Are bad credit loans regulated?

A: Bad credit loans are regulated on the federal and state levels like payday loans.

Q: Are online bad credit loans safe?

A: Yes, genuine online loan companies offer bad credit loans. The companies safeguard your information using excellent security software, and in doing so, they prevent hackers from getting your information.

Q: How can I spend my bad credit loan?

A: Lenders do not dictate how you spend the bad credit loan so long as you pay back the loan on the due date. It’s up to you to determine what you need the loan for before applying, and you can use it just as much as you want.

Q: What’s the best bad credit lender?

A: Some of the best bad credit platforms are MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans, PickALender, and CashUSA.

The Best Bad Credit Loan Institutions of 2022 Conclusion

Having bad credit scores limits your loan options drastically in the eyes of loan institutions. In addition, some of these institutions require you to fill out tons of paperwork which may take days to complete. Fortunately, several online loan platforms will grant you a loan with bad credit scores.

The best part is it wouldn’t take time for the money to reflect in your account. Some may even disburse the cash in hours after completing the application process. Ensure to read the terms and conditions of the lender before signing with them. Apply with the platforms mentioned above for fast funds to aid you in tackling your emergency.

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